Learn About Affiliate Marketing

What is it about?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that lets companies earn money by promoting products and services online. Essentially, affiliate marketing involves setting up websites or applications and letting people know about them. People who want to use this information to make money upload it themselves. After that, the owners of specific products and services will pay these people to promote their products or services. Based on the type of products and the cost, this business model is very lucrative, to me, the most lucrative online business model. Some can have a quick and big start while others established in 2-3 months.

Our process is simple:

1. Choose your NICHE.
2. Register your DOMAIN.
3. Build your WEBSITE.
5. Create quality CONTENT.
6. Use Affiliate links and ads to MONETIZE.

How to let people know about the products or services

The most commonly used online marketing strategies are affiliate marketing and social networking. Since these strategies are relatively new, the terminology may also be relatively new. For that reason, some people prefer to call affiliate marketing a form of internet marketing or advertising. Either way, the concept is the same- to promote products and services online with the goal of generating revenue. The aim is to create an audience who you think will be interested in the product you have and do the promotion. Some promotions are free as long as the audience is big enough. There are a couple of strategies that can be implemented to build your audience, some paid and some free audience-building technics available to everyone. Join My Wealthy Affiliate program where we teach you step-by-step how you can build a successful business online. We break the myth that building an online business is only for one category of people or it is complex and will cost you an arm and a leg; this is far from it and the opposite will surprise you.

So why affiliate marketing?

• You don’t have to create a product or service
• You can start earning & promoting quickly
• You can choose almost  ANY market or niche
• You have ZERO or LOW start-up cost
• You can make money even as a  BEGINNER
• You can  develop and scale your  passive income

This is what you need to do

Affiliates need to create a content marketing strategy to keep their content relevant to new markets. This is because most new website owners want to use affiliate marketing as their primary income. However, most successful affiliate marketers have a wide range of relevant experience. This means they have a lot of knowledge about different topics and industries. When creating content, they think about how it will engage new audiences and help them earn commissions. This we why we want to help you get the knowledge of successful affiliate marketers as they share their experiences and the path they took to be successful. This is what we do, we share our successful experience with you, and get you into the online world to build you a successful online business. 

What do you want…

Who knows, maybe one of your life fulfillment desire is to be free financially, earn online, build a successful affiliate marketing business, be your own boss and work on your own schedule or even bring that idea, that book, that training of yours out. Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to start. Life fulfillment sometimes implies that you get free financially so that you can have more “me-time” or time with family. Money cannot buy everything. However, having additional revenue or more is good for everyone and leads to living more zen life. 

What can go wrong?

Failed advertising strategies are the only negative aspect of affiliate marketing. The only issue arises when marketers fail to plan properly for their campaigns. Some unsuccessful campaigns fail to include an email list or social media promotion. Instead, they focus on monetizing websites without any previous connections or audience base. This leads to much lower returns with little chance of redemption. Only by following a solid content marketing strategy can a campaign overcome these shortcomings. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, this is exactly what we do,  we help you with strategies on how to successfully build your audience with relevant content so that monetize your website with the audience you built successfully

Simply the Best

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most commonly used internet marketing strategies due to its ease and profitability potential. However, new affiliates need to develop a strategy for maintaining their relevance in different marketplaces. Otherwise, there are no downsides when planning an affiliate marketing campaign. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can build your own business, click HERE


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Life Fulfillment – Good Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Hello Again!

Talking about fulfilling your life, have you ever thought of adopting a pet? There are several benefits to it and considering that the pet will need care, attention, and some investments, on a personal experience basis, they are awesome to talk to and they will never talk back at you. This will surely increase your self-esteem and also gives you a sense of fulfillment. Most pet owners will tell you that there is no better comfort of see their pet after a long day.

The reasons to adopt a Pet

  • You will be rescuing the animal from some kind of unknown destiny. According to Petpedia, thousand are being euthanized each year (US Stats.) When you adopt one, it will reduce the amount being euthanized VS you buying one from a pet shop. I know that depending on the side of the world you are in, the procedures and laws are completely different. Make sure to take a look at your country’s or state’s regulations.
  • Cats and dogs are the most common animals to be found in a shelter. Sometimes, they are found in a shelter for reasons like the owner passing away, moving, or reasons other than just the owner getting rid of them. Cats & dogs are faithful animals and will surely show love in return to their new “parents”. Rescue animals are just waiting for someone to take them home.
  • You can change the way people see things versus buying a young one. Another reason an animal can be found in a shelter is mistreatment by the previous owner. There are a couple of reasons like money, divorce, or not enough time… Yet, all they need is some love and care.
  • It can be cheaper to adopt rather than buy one from a breeder. Some medical charges may have already been taken care of like sterilization and vaccine.
  • It is a way to show compassion and teach compassion at the same time. You will be living to consider being compassionate in everything you do and towards living things. You will be setting up an example for others or the younger generation to follow. As some will say: adoption is compassion in action.
  • Did you know that adoption helps to combat puppy mills? Puppy Mills are commercial farming operations in which purebred dogs are raised in large numbers and often in substandard or poor conditions Currently, hundreds of thousands of dogs languishing in puppy mills, large commercial breeding operations that supply most pet stores. The parents of these animals are kept in cages for the breeding year after year, and this, without companionship. The probability for them to join a family is very low. And after they’re no longer profitable, breeding dogs are simply discarded—either killed or abandoned.

The above is to resume a couple of reasons to adopt a pet.

One special reason that people do not talk much about:

Psychological advantages to owning a pet. 

On top of the unconditional love that animals can provide to human beings, researchers have come to the point that animals have also given additional benefits to their companions like emotional, psychological, and physical advantages. Some may adopt a pet to scare away thieves or rodents, on top of that when you care for an animal, there is also some evidence that pets can have positive psychological effects on people as well. Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and decrease feelings of rejection, isolation, or unhappiness. And when you adopt, you can also feel proud about helping an animal in need!

Additional resources

Not too long ago, I came across the NEW YORK BEHAVIORAL HEALTH website with some very interesting conclusions and details of research made about the benefit of having a pet. What retained my attention was how Pet owners often experience greater well-being, self-esteem, and exhibit healthier personality characteristics (e.g.: conscientiousness) and show more positive attachment styles (i.e.: less fearful, less preoccupied), and fulfilled their owners’ social needs better were related to less depression, less loneliness, greater self-esteem, and greater happiness in their owners. These benefits were independent of the owner’s human social resources.

You can check additional info on New York Behavioral Health.

What is here for you?

You can join me at Wealthy Affiliate and build a blog with your own aspirations. Maybe your idea or experience can help another person and at the same time take advantage of having an extra stream of income or online business through affiliate marketing which is at this time, the most lucrative online business model.

This is only the beginning

You can always comment on this post at any time and I will get back to you. If you need additional information about my affiliate program, contact me or Click HERE.

Hope to hear from you soon

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