Finding Your Meaning In Life

Structure your Destiny Life can be a bit confusing at times, but nothing to worry about. You may feel lost in the crowd, but you have been given the power to structure your own destiny. This guide has been designed to help you identify your individual interests and skills, so you’ll know exactly what you … Read more

How to Create Bond in the Family

Finding commonality and using family traditions One way is to create family traditions. Family traditions are a great way to bond because they give everyone something to look forward to, and they can be built around shared memories. For example, perhaps you have a family meal every Friday night. Or maybe you go on vacation … Read more

Love is What We Need

Love is what they need. Making your child feel loved is the most important thing as a parent. You should always do whatever you can to make sure your kids are happy. Children learn how to make their own happiness happen by watching you and their other parents. You should learn from your child’s positive … Read more

Finding Fulfillment in my Family

I want to find fulfillment in my family Introduction Family is the most important thing in a person’s life. It is the place where you learn about self-reliance and responsibility. A family teaches you how to love, care for others and be compassionate towards them. It’s not only about sharing joys but also facing sorrows … Read more

Finding my Space

Showing my appreciation I would like to show more love towards members of my family and close friends by being more helpful and showing that my love is felt through gestures of support. I want to recognize their talents and show my appreciation for them by buying them presents, telling them I am proud of … Read more

Challenges Parenting

What are the challenges of parenting? The children’s point of view The parent’s point of view Children are strange, complex, and different from us. They have their own point of view and none of us really know what the hell they mean at times. So we have to make allowances for that. Our job as … Read more