Finding my Space

Showing my appreciation

I would like to show more love towards members of my family and close friends by being more helpful and showing that my love is felt through gestures of support. I want to recognize their talents and show my appreciation for them by buying them presents, telling them I am proud of them, and encouraging them to be their best self. I want to show love towards people who have had a negative impact on my life, for example, people who have hurt me or treated me poorly, by being more forgiving and learning from the experience. I want to show love through actions and not just words, so I will try to demonstrate my love towards my family members by taking care of them, doing things with them, and being available for them when they need me.

How do I know that my dad loves me?

I can tell by the way he treats me. He is always there for me and he cares about me. He also lets me do what I want. He never says no to me. If I ask him for anything, he always says yes. Overall, my dad loves me very much. He cares about me and he lets me do what I want. He never says no to me, which shows me that he loves me. I know that my dad loves me because he always shows me his love. He always tells me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me. He shows me his love by taking care of me and by being there for me when I need him. He is the best father in the world, and I am so lucky to have him as my father.

Finding your space in the crowd

I have several siblings in the house and it is difficult to find my space. I feel that everyone somehow is encroaching on my space and making me feel claustrophobic. I don’t know how to get over this. What do I need to do to feel more at home? The way we make our home or the people we live with can change how we feel about it. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to it. If you have family members who are taking up too much space in your house and making you uncomfortable, you should consider moving them to another room. You can also inform them that you are uncomfortable with their behavior and request them to change their ways. If they refuse, you can consider telling your parents about the matter.

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