How can I get support from the family? Introduction I’m

How can I get support from the family?


I’m not sure if it’s the change of seasons or what, but I’m feeling a little lost lately. It feels like I’ve been stuck in this place where everything’s fine and I’m making progress, but then something comes up that throws me off track: an unexpected project at work, the stress of my kids’ college applications (and how much they cost), etc. Well, those things aren’t going to go away soon. So how can I get support from my family?

I am feeling very lonely and unsure of myself.

When you are in a crisis, it can be easy to feel alone and isolated. It’s important not to let these feelings of loneliness become an obstacle for you or your recovery. If you are experiencing a mental health problem and have decided that it is time for treatment, then reaching out for help is the first step toward recovery.

Asking for help is an act of courage and strength; however, many people find this difficult because they worry about other’s reactions. The last thing we want is judgment or criticism from our loved ones; however, most people want us to get better as much as we do ourselves!

It’s okay if your family doesn’t understand what you’re going through right now—after all, how could they? But remember: they were there when things were good too!

It’s been a long summer and the days are getting shorter.

It’s been a long summer, but the days are getting shorter. The nights are getting longer. You can feel it in your bones.

You’ve been thinking about what to do next, and you’re ready to get back on track. But your job search is not going as well as you thought it would—you’re having trouble finding work that fits with your schedule and finances, let alone feels meaningful and fulfilling. You feel like you’ve run out of options: no matter what happens next year will be tough because there’s not much room for flexibility or creativity in this economy…and maybe things aren’t going so well because I’m stuck at home all day instead of working like everyone else does?

I think part of my problem is that I’m not doing enough.

I think part of my problem is that I’m not doing enough.

When we first started dating, I always thought that he should be doing more for me. So I assumed that if he felt the same way about me, he would be doing what I wanted him to do. But then eventually it dawned on me: Maybe the reason why he isn’t doing more is that he has his own needs and wants too. And those things are important too!

I know it’s hard when you feel like you’re not getting enough attention from your partner or family members. But remember that they have their own lives to live—and they’re all trying their best as well! There are going to be times when they need space from each other and from us because they have their own stuff going on in life too (which may even include being busy at work). Just focus on what you can control right now—like taking care of yourself—and don’t worry about other people’s problems just yet (it’s important not to burden yourself with worries about them).

It’s like the college experience all over again when I needed to reach out to new people and find support.

A lot of people in your life have been through college, and they’ve seen how much you’ve grown as a person. Asking for support from the family is similar to when you went off to college: You had to learn how to make new friends, take care of yourself and ask for help when needed.

You may also find it hard because it feels like you’re going backward—going from being an independent adult back into childhood. But remember that this is a temporary situation; everyone needs support sometimes. No one can do everything by themselves all the time!

Lastly, if anyone tells you that their situation isn’t as bad as yours (or way worse), I want them to know that there’s no competition here at all; what matters most is finding ways for everyone involved in this situation get through it together and be happy again someday soon.”

How can I reach out to my family?

If you are feeling down and need support, your family is the best place to turn. Your family can help you through any tough times and will always be there for you. They are the most important thing in life and they will do anything to help their loved ones out. Your family has helped many people with problems, feelings, and even life itself!

If you’re feeling lonely or need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

If you’re feeling lonely or need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it! It can be hard to admit that you may not have the strength to manage your depression on your own. Sometimes our pride makes us want to do things alone, but sometimes asking for help is just what we need.

Be honest about how you’re feeling and let someone know if they are pushing too much onto you or making demands that aren’t reasonable in your current situation. Tell them what you need from them, whether it’s a listening ear or some space so that they don’t feel like they’re doing something wrong by not helping at all. If necessary, explain the steps that have been taken so far toward getting better (such as seeing a therapist). Make sure those around understand why this new treatment isn’t working great yet so there won’t be any blame placed on either side when things go wrong again later down the road; try finding common ground between both sides’ needs/desires here instead of trying harder than ever before when trying new strategies out hasn’t worked well yet due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control such as moving away from home while still going through the recovery process after struggling with depression which caused anxiety attacks which led back into depression again … etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseam?


This is a difficult time for you and you shouldn’t feel bad about asking for help! Remember that your family loves you and wants to support you. If they don’t seem receptive at first, try again later or find someone else who can be more understanding.

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